The Trustees
Shri Suraj Ratan Fatehchand Damani
Founder of Damani Charities

Shri Suraj Ratan Fatehchand Damani (S R Damani) was born on 14th July, 1912 in Bikaner, Rajasthan. He completed studies at Banaras.

Philanthropic and deep religious by nature, he had established various Charitable Trusts to provide relief and succor to poor, uneducated and ailing. “Suraj Ratan Fatehchand Damani Janhit Nidhi” is one of the trusts founded by him.
He had constructed and donated Dharamshalas and Athithigruha with all modern amenities at various places like
Shri Somnath Two blocks consisting of 40 rooms – inaugurated by Hon. Shri. Morarji Desai, the then Prime Minister, in December 1978.
Rudraprayag In between the banks of river Alaknanda and Mandakini – inaugurated by Dr. I G Patel, Ex-Governor RBI in October, 1981.
Rameshwaram Just opposite to the temple. This complex is having rooms and also a big hall for religious and social activities-inaugurated by Hon. Shri. R Ventkatramanji in September, 1984.
Dwarka Inaugurated by Shri S S Nadkarni, Chairman IDBI, Mumbai in February, 1989.
The trust also runs “Damani Eye Hospital” at Akola, Maharashtra to provide comprehensive and quality ophthalmic care & surgery at a reasonable and affordable cost..
He was member of the 2nd Lok Sabha of India from the Jalore Constituency of Rajasthan in 1957 and also a member of the Indian National Congress (INC) political party. Thereafter he became member of 4th, 5th and 6th Lok Sabha from the Sholapur Constituency of Maharashtra.
He was appointed as Treasurer of the Congress Party in Parliament for 2 years during 1969 – 1971. He was member of Executive Committee of the Congress Party and member of various Consultative Committees and Select Committees.
He was even deputed to represent the country at the World Bank in 1970 as an alternate Delegate. He had attended Common Wealth Parliamentary Association meeting in London in 1972.
The Government of Maharashtra had appointed him in 1980 as the Chairman of Maharashtra State Financial Corporation (MSFC) to change its shape and boost its creditability. By inducting the number of professionals and dignities in to the MSFC’s board, he could manage it easily and continued as Chairman for almost 9 ½ years till May 1990.
He was a Chairman of
The Simplex Mills Company Limited (now known as “Simplex Realty Limited”), Mumbai,
Jamsri Ranjitsinghji Spinning & Weaving Mills Limited, Sholapur,
Nav Bharat Refrigeration and Industries Limited, New Delhi.
Sholapur Medical College Governing Council 1969-1974
He was elected as Member of Managing Committee of Bombay Hospital in 1950 and then continued as Member.
He was into the Managing Committee of Mill-Owner’s Association, Mumbai since 1964, its Deputy Chairman in 1969-1970 and its Chairman in 1971-1972.
He was Member of
 Railway Equipment Advisory Committee 1959-1962 & Convention Committee 1971-1973,
 Central Board of Film Censors 1964,
Advisory Council of Trade 1968-1969,
Maharashtra State Small Scale Industries Development Board 1969-1971,
Central Small Scale Industries Development Board 1969,
Maharashtra State Industrial Development Corporation 1972,
Central Consultative Board of Cotton Textile Industry since 1973,
Central Advisory Council of Industries since 1975,
Licensing Sub-committee of Central Advisory Council of Industries 1975-1977,
Development Council for Man Made Textiles since 1975,
Export Inspection Council,
Regional Direct taxes Advisory Committee, Mumbai,
Committee of M.Ps of Maharashtra Circle P&T and
Western Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation.